Getting Started

2017-02-14-09_21_49-foldedmap_state-pdfDon’t Panic!

Before this election, I’d never been politically active. If you’re like me and are trying to figure out how to start, this is the place for you!

If you haven’t already, read the Indivisible Guide. It’s only 26 pages and gives a great overview of our mission & strategies.

Come to our meetings! We post them on FaceBook and here.  We have a general meeting, then break into subgroups by interest area: ACLU, Healthcare, SCOTUS, media accountability……

If you use FaceBook, like/follow our page and join our Group (same with Twitter) – see tabs at top.  The FaceBook page lists calls to action, and the group page is where we have discussions, post meeting minutes and events.  There are also sub-groups you can join (there’s a list of them under the Files tab) depending on your area of interest; join as many as you want! The FaceBook Files Tab is a fantastic resource.  It shows meeting minutes, scripts to use when calling MoCs (Members of Congress), and lots of other things.

Don’t use FaceBook?  No problem!  That’s one reason we’ve started this site.  We’re trying to pull everything together so you don’t have to use social media if you don’t want to.

Sign up for our mailing list.  We’ll send occasional emails (the plan is no more than 2/week) to keep you up to date.

TAKING ACTION: the fastest way to get rolling is probably “5 Calls”.  It gives a list of hot topics, provides phone numbers to your local Members of Congress, and scripts so you don’t have to think up what to say!  There’s also an action calendar on the Indivisible Guide site for national actions, and our group has its own calls to action page on the Action Network.

At GovTrack, you can find out who your Members of Congress (MoCs) are as well as their contact information.  It also lists all MoCs, subcommittees and current legislation;  there’s even a tab for “hot bills,” which is where I usually start.